Sylvester Stallone

Quick Summary

Full Name Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
Nick Names The Italian Stallion, Sly
Birthday July 6, 1946
Birth Place Manhattan, New York
Country United States of America
Age 73
Birth Sign Cancer
Height 5’10”
Weight 84 Kg
Religion Catholic Christian
Professions Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Education Devereaux High School; University of Miami Florida
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Home Town New York City
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jennifer Flavin
Children 5
Father’s Name Frank Stallone Sr.
Mother’s Name Jacqueline
Siblings Frank Stallone, Toni Ann Filiti (half-sister)
Residence Beverly Hills, California
Company Overbrook Entertainment
Net worth $400 million

Born on the 6th of July in 1946 in Manhattan, New York, Sylvester Stallone rose to face as a writer and as an actor. People mainly know him for the sensational movie franchise Rocky, where he plays the lead role as a Philadelphian boxer mad in 1976. The movie was actually the winner nominee in the Academy Awards. He is best known for portraying lead role in the thrilling action movies. He is considered one of the biggest action stars in the world for his role in the famous franchises such as Rocky and First Blood. Other notable action franchise from Stallone is the Rambo franchise. In his mid-career he had somewhat of a decline but he re-discovered the box-office success with movies like The Expendables in 2010 and also received a critical acclaim for reviving the rock franchise with Creed in 2015 through which is received his Golden Globe and another Oscar nomination.

Sylvester Stallone
Early Life

Full name Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, famously known as Sylvester Stallone, was born on the July 6 in 1946 to the father Frank Stallone Sr. and the mother Jacqueline Stallone in the Manhattan City of New York. He is actually of Italian-Russian-French-Jewish descent. He was born with the lower side of his face paralyzed as the obstetrician tried to use a pair of forceps to forcefully pull him out of his mother’s womb. This forceful act severed a nerve that caused permanent deformity in the lower parts of his lip, tongue and chin. His parents got divorced at an early age. After the separation of his parents he was sent to the foster homes and he studied at the Notre Dame Academy and Lincoln High School in Philadelphia. He also studied at the Charlotte Hall Military Academy before going to the University of Miami.


Sylvester Stallone has completed high school as well as hold a college degree. He holds a college degree in B.A. Stallone attended the Notre Dame Academy and the Lincoln High School in Philadelphia. He also attended the Charlotte Hall Military Academy prior to attending the Miami Dade College and the University of Miami.25. Stallone also attended the American College of Switzerland eventually getting a B.A. degree.


In 1970, when he was starting out, he found his first role in a soft-core pornography film called the Party at Kitty and Stud’s. He also starred in the off-Broadway stage piece, ‘Score’, which ran for 23 performances in 1971. He also appeared in Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas’ and the thriller ‘Klute’ as an extra.

In 1975, he was seen in the Jack Lemmon film, ‘The Prisoner of Second Avenue’ and he also played supporting roles in the films, ‘Farewell, My Lovely’, ‘Capone’ and ‘Death Race 2000’.

The year 1976 brought with it a lot of promise and hope for Stallone as he starred in his first breakthrough film, ‘Rocky’, an action-drama feature, for which he also wrote the script. The movie is considered one of his most commercially successful movies till date.

After swooning in the success of ‘Rocky’, he made his directorial debut in 1978 for the film, ‘Paradise Alley’. The same year, he played a role in the film, ‘F.I.S.T’, a film based on the life of James Hoffa.

In 1979, he wrote and starred in the sequel of ‘Rocky’ titled ‘Rocky II’, which also went on to become a sleeper hit. Two years later, he starred in ‘Escape to Victory’ and ‘Nighthawks’.

After the success of ‘Rocky’, he launched another action venture, starring as the Vietnam War veteran, ‘John Rambo’ in the film, ‘First Blood’ in 1982. This went on to become both a critical and profitable hit at the box-office. However, the sequels for the film, ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’ and ‘Rambo III’, were met with much less success.

In 1982, he continued with his ‘Rocky’ franchise and came up with ‘Rocky III’, followed by ‘Rocky IV’, three years later. In order to be able to do full justice to the role, he worked out and embarked on a demanding training program, after which he became an extremely popular fitness symbol.

In 1987, he decided to break away from his ‘tough nut’ roles and starred in the film, ‘Over the Top’, which was a different genre of film. However, the film did not do well at the box-office and was received poorly by critics. Two years later, he once again starred in a different genre of film in ‘Tango and Cash’, which was successful.

He starred in the fifth installment of the ‘Rocky’ series titled, ‘Rocky V’ in 1990. The film did poorly at the box office and it was intended to be the last film in the franchise. In the next two years, he tried his hand at comedy but failed miserably in ‘Oscar’ and ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’.

He starred in the successful film, Cliffhanger, which brought back the faith of his fans in his acting chops. The same year, he starred in the futuristic film titled Demolition Man.

From 1994 to 1996, he appeared continuously on hit movies including The Specialist, Judge Dredd and Assassins.

From 2000 to 2005, he was seen in the films, such as Get Carter, Driven, Avenging Angel, D-Tox, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, Taxi 3 and Shade. In 2005, he was also the co-presenter for the boxing series, The Contender.

He took a break in 2005 and served as the host and mentor to contenders participating in the reality show called The Contender.

He made a comeback in with the sixth Rocky movie called Rocky Balboa, which became a critical hit, in 2006. Two years later, he released the fourth Rambo movie, simply titled as Rambo which also became equally successful.

He appeared in a small cameo in the Bollywood film, Kambakkht Ishq opposite Kareena Kapoor and Akshaya Kumar in 2009. The next year, he starred in one of the biggest hits of the year, The Expendables.

In 2012, the sequel for the movie, The Expendables 2 was also made. The same year, he starred in the action film, Bullet to the Head, which is based on the novel called ‘Du Plomb Dans la Tete’.

Sylvester Stallone
Movies and TV shows

Sylvester Stallone has done plenty and a variety of movies and tv shows in his career, but he is mostly famous for playing lead role in mainly action and heroic movies like Rocky, Rambo and The Expendables.

Year Movies
1969 The Square Root
1969 The Downhill Racer
1970 MASH
1971 Klute
1972 What’s Up Doc?
1974 Lords of Flatbush
1975 Death Race 2000
1975 Mandingo
1975 Farewell, My Lovely
1976 Cannonball
1976 Rocky
1978 F.I.S.T.
1978 Paradise Alley
1979 Rocky II
1981 Night Hawks
1981 Escape to Victory
1982 Rocky III
1982 First Blood
1985 Rambo: First Blood part II
1985 Rocky IV
1987 Over the Top
1988 Rambo III
1989 Tango & Cash
1990 Rocky V
1993 Demolition Man
1995 Judge Dredd
2000 Get Carter
2003 Taxi 3
2006 Rocky Balboa
2008 Rambo
2010 The Expendable
2012 The Expendables II
2013 Escape Plan
2013 Grudge Match
2014 The Expendables 3
2015 Creed
2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
2018 Escape Plan 2: Hades
2018 Creed II
TV shows

Stallone has also appeared on quite a few of the tv shows since the early 70’s.

Year TV shows
1975 Police Story
1975 Kojak
1991 Dream on
2002 Liberty’s Kids
2005 Las Vegas
2013 Saturday Night Live
2017 This Is Us

Besides being an actor and a director, Stallone has written many books in his career. Most of books are either body, workout or movie related.

Year Books
1976 Rocky
1977 The Official Rocky Scrapbook
1997 Paradise Alley
1978 Rocky III
1979 Rocky II: Roman Photo
1983 Staying Alive
1985 Rocky IV
1996 Rocky: The Original Movie Script
2005 Sly Moves
2006 Rocky Balboa
2008 Sly Moves
2013 Sylvester Stallone: Paintings, 1975-2013
2019 Rocky: The Complete Films
Awards and Nominations
  • Stallone has been nominated as well as awarded for his great works on the movies, both as an actor and as a director.
  • He won a David id Donatello Award for the ‘Best Foreign Actor’ for Rocky in 1977. In the same year he won the KCFCC Award for the ‘Best Actor’ for Rocky.
  • He won the ShoWest Convention Award for the ‘Star of the Year’ in 1979.
  • He earned his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984.
  • He won the People’s Choice Awards for the ‘Favorite Motion Picture Actor’ in 1986.
  • He was presented with the Stockholm International Film Festival Award for the ‘Best Actor’ for Cop Land in 1997.
  • He won the Golden Camera Award for ‘Best International Actor’ in 2004.
  • He was honored with the ‘Golden Eye for Lifetime Achievement Award’ for the first time ever at the Zurich Film Festival.
  • He was also presented with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2010 at the Hollywood Film Festival
  • He was nominated for ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture’ in 2015 for the movie Creed.
Sylvester Stallone
Personal Life

Stallone has also received some appreciation for his life’s work apart from his directions and roles in the movies and years of being the target of critical barbs. He has received an honorary Cesar Award, which is the French equivalent of the Academy Awards in 1992 and an acting award at the Stockholm Film Festival in 1997. Stallone also became the first person to receive the Golden Icon Award at the Zurich Film Festival in 2008. Later on, he earned lifetime achievement honors at the Hollywood Film Awards in 2012.

Stallone has been married thrice in his career but currently, he is married to Jennifer Flavin in 1997. The couples have three daughters named Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. He also has to sons with previously married Sasha Czack in 1974, Sage and Seth.

Due to most of his movies having a demanding role, he has suffered countless injuries through out his career, which include a broken neck, which required him to get a metal plate inserted.

The Rape Case

In the November of 2017, there were reports surfacing that Stallone of being accused of raping a woman in the 90’s. In June of 2018, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office confirmed that the case was to be under review. The new had a strong response from Stallone’s Attorney, Martin Singer, who determined that the supposed victim was actually involved in a consensual relationship with his client.

Net Worth

Sylvester Stallone is considered to be one of the best action movie stars of his time and is one of the successful and well-known actors both in the US and all around the globe. It is Speculated that the famous actor has the net worth at about $400 million.

Fun Facts
  • In 2007, the customs executives in Australia found 48 vials of synthetic growth hormone called Jintropin in the iconic actor’s baggage.
  • Stallone says that his interest in the acting career came from his efforts to get the affection of those strangers who tried to raise him.
  • His spent most of his five year in the care of the foster homes due to his parents constantly being in war.
  • He also starred in the 2000 thriller Get Carter, which is a remake of a 1971 film of the same name which stars Michael Caine.
  • One of the most memorable scenes for Stallone is considered to be the be the boxing match between him and Mr. T in Rocky III.

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